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limestone quarry blisworth

  • Brief overview of the quarried formations around the UK

    2013-4-23 · Oxford Clay, Kellaways, Cornbrash, Blisworth Limestone and Blisworth Clay formations, Jurassic, Ketton Quarry, Rutland. The of mudstone and limestone with different engineering ... Quarry must take into account the diorite and the Mercia Mudstone Group above.

  • The Conservation Stone Quarry Project | Essay

    2021-10-26 · The Conservation Stone Quarry is a project that will be constructed for the purposes of extracting Blisworth Limestone that is used as large walling stone, flagstone, and block stone. The produced stone will be distributed for the use on the restoration and conservation market. This stone will be used in enhancing and maintaining the existing ...

  • Stone source: Blisworth stone | Stone Specialist

    2013-2-22 · Stone source: Blisworth stone. It has taken nearly four years and cost about £800,000 to open the new Blisworth limestone quarry at Churchfield Farm …

  • The Middle Jurassic succession at Ketton, Rutland ...

    2007-1-1 · Blisworth Limestone Formation: section measured in Grange Top Quarry, Ketton (at National Grid Reference c. SK982 071). Metres BLISWORTH CLAY FORMATION (see Table 6) BLISWORTH LIMESTONE FORMATION (3.57 m) BL.3 Beef layer of fibrous calcite with cone-in-cone; persistent, occasionally absent. 0-0.04 BL.2 Limestone: Praeexogyra hebridica ...

  • Ketton Quarry – UK Fossil Collecting

    2003-11-7 · Gypsum is also quite common here. Ketton Quarry also contains one of the most fascinating faults of its kind in the UK and has recently been designated SSSI status. The quarry is too big to completely cover in one trip. It is huge and …


    2018-9-25 · This huge quarry provides opportunities to collect fossils from many different beds. The site is far too large to cover in one visit and the site is still growing in size. The best area to search is in the Blisworth Limestone, which is part of the Great Oolite Group. Ammonites can be found but shells, corals,

  • Cement Kilns: Premier

    2021-11-6 · Great Oolite (Blisworth Limestone Formation: 165-166 Ma) Limestone, from quarry at (SP)493400,270400; Upper Lias Clay (Whitby Mudstone Formation: 176-180 Ma) from quarry at (SP)493600,269800: the ironstone overburden was …

  • Walk 121: Blisworth Circular | northamptonshirewalks

    During the 19th & 20th centuries, iron ore & limestone were quarried at Blisworth. A limestone quarry began in 1821 north east of the canal tunnel & was connected to a canal wharf at the west end of the tunnel by a horse-drawn tramway. The tramway ran from the quarry, across the Stoke Bruerne Road & above the west end of the tunnel.

  • Vernacular Slating in the East Midlands

    2018-11-20 · Blisworth Limestone is known locally as Oundle Limestone: 4: This advice note explains the basics of Swithland, Collyweston and other limestone ... Slates should conform to BS EN 12326-1 Product Specification and should be tested by the quarry once a : year or for every 25,000 tonnes of finished slates they produce whichever arises soonest. It ...

  • 2018-6-3 · quarry entrance, between Kingscliffe and Apethorpe villages. These three blocks bear tangled masses of animals, and there are also numerous disassociated fragments. The appearance of the limestone is similar to that of the base of the Blisworth Limestone which caps the clays in this quarry. The junction between the Rutland

  • Geology of Ketton Quarry

    2017-6-11 · Fig 5: Blisworth Clay Blisworth Limestone Formation Within the confines of the quarry the Blisworth Limestone is variable both in thickness and in character. It is not oolitic. It tends to weather grey. The oyster Praeexogyra hebridica is abundant. Also found are terebratulid and rhynchonellid brachiopods and fully marine bivalves such


    2017-2-14 · The Blisworth Limestone Formation may reach up to 10 meters in thickness (Thompson, 1891), but at Blisworth the maximum is 7 metres and further north at Nassington, the formation is less than 5 metres thick (Thompson, 1927; Taylor, 1963; Torrens, 1967). Typically the Blisworth Limestone Formation is a pale creamy or greyish to pale yellowish

  • Buckinghamshire Geology Group

    2020-10-20 · made of local Blisworth Limestone. In our August 2017 (No 29) newsletter, Jill described how, during the digging of drains alongside the canal in the 1980s, large blocks of Blisworth Limestone were struck and excavated. As removal from site was costly it was decided to arrange them as a modern stone circle to mark

  • Field Trip: North Bucks

    Coombs Quarry—Blisworth Limestone. A fault through the quarry has brought the Cornbrash limestone down on top of the Blisworth at the far side of the quarry – interestingly making this one of the few sites where Cornbrash can be seen inland. The Cornbrash contains many, mostly broken, specimens of bivalves and brachiopods, indicating a ...


    2017-11-26 · Thompson (1927) quotes Sharp, describing a quarry west of Oundle where "Pendle" - the quarrymen''s term for any fissile limestone - occurs at the top of the section, and "splits into thin flags or slates". Certainly the Blisworth Limestone provided a source of slates on a local basis, and perhaps in the past certain sources were better known.

  • Oxfordshire Geology

    Laterally, the White Limestone eventually passes into the Athelstan Oolite Formation south westward and the Blisworth Limestone Formation north eastward. Spatial distribution: The BGS determined ''type area'' is the Cherwell Valley from Woodstock to Ardley, where it is commonly ca. 20 metres thick (it can be up to 30 m).

  • Companies: Churchfield Stone | Stone Specialist

    2011-1-20 · Before taking over the quarry, Churchfield Stone called in Professor Geoffrey Walton to survey it and obtain planning consent. Professor Walton was excited by the stone, which is Blisworth Jurassic great oolitic limestone that is not generally available.

  • List of limestone quarries in the United Kingdom

    Blisworth Limestone Quarry - United Kingdom / SP 2 albums / 0 photos / 0 photo votes / 0 documents / 0 notes Last modified - June 13 th 2009 by ICLOK. Bolehill Wood Limestone Quarry - United Kingdom / SK 2 albums / 0 photos / 0 photo votes / 0 documents / 0 notes Last modified ...

  • History of Blisworth Mining and Quarrying

    2015-12-12 · The quarry that is given the SSSI status has some unusual Jurassic fossil deposits in the limestone. In the 20th century the quarry is known as Rectory Farm quarry but the land only became rectorial in c.1800 and so the quarry …

  • Stonepits Quarry Planning Permission

    Stonepits Quarry Planning Permission. The planning team have gained planning permission on behalf of Churchfield Stone Ltd to establish a building stone quarry to the west of Oundle, East Northamptonshire. The quarry will extract Blisworth …

  • Key Geological Sites in Chewell District Council area

    The quarry is an important location for studying facies changes which occur in the upper part of the White Limestone and in the Forest Marble, when these two formations are traced from Oxfordshire eastwards towards the ''London landmass'' and north-eastwards into Buckinghamshire.

  • E.R.Matheau-Raven

    A lovely complete brachiopod. The scale is shown in (mm). It comes from the Blisworth Limestone of the Great Oolite ''Series'', Upper Bathonian, Jurassic of Lincolnshire, UK and dates circa 162 million years old. A good display piece for those on a budget.

  • Blisworth Houses, Quarries

    2015-6-24 · Before 1800, Blisworth had a couple of limestone quarries towards the east of the parish, quite near to the Courteenhall Road. They are marked as Lime Kilns in Bryant''s map of 1825. The quarries could have been opened in medieval times for providing stone for building and repair of cottages in the village.

  • Grey Limestone Images, Prices, Quarries, Suppliers ...

    434 types of Grey Limestone from 45 countries: Portugal,Spain,France,Italy,United States,Romania etc., like : Portland Grey Limestone,Fiore di Aurisina,Blue Valverde AE-P,Azul Monica Dark,Grey Smoke Limestone


    2007-9-14 · We were able to obtain material from comparably dense (reefal) accumulations (Text-fig. 3A–B) in the upper 2 m of the Blisworth Limestone at Ketton Quarry, Rutland (National Grid reference SK 975063; about 160 valves) and from the age-equivalent (Retrocostatum Zone; Cox and Sumbler 2002a) Elongata Beds at Langton Herring on the Dorset coast ...

  • Top Grange Quarry – UK Fossil Collecting

    2011-3-2 · At the start of the quarry trail, is a cliff face of Blisworth Limestone Formation. This can only be observed. Continuing along the trail, two parts of the old disused quarry can be seen. There are plenty of loose rocks to look through …

  • BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units

    Generally a sharp boundary of the limestones with mudstone, or locally an erosive contact with cross-bedded shell-fragmental ooidal limestone, both of the Blisworth Clay Formation. Thickness: Typically from 6 m to 7m thick in the type area, up to about 12m to the south-west, and 4m thick at Ketton. Geographical Limits:

  • Top Grange Quarry – UK Fossil Collecting

    2011-3-2 · At the start of the quarry trail, is a cliff face of Blisworth Limestone Formation. This can only be observed. Continuing along the trail, two parts of …

  • Top Grange Quarry

     · The rocks however, cover the Bajocian (Jurassic ~175mya) to Bathonian (Jurassic ~165mya) stages. The Blisworth Limestone can be seen all around the quarry, in the scree and loose rocks. At the start of the trail, a part of the cliff face has been left to show the Bed. In addition, the Blisworth clay can be seen slipped everywhere in the quarry.

  • Sutherland

    2012-4-18 · Thompson (1927) quotes Sharp, describing a quarry west of Oundle where "Pendle" - the quarrymen''s term for any fissile limestone - occurs at the top of the section, and "splits into thin flags or slates". Certainly the Blisworth …

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